Episode Details
Release Date September 30, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 34 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 235
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Sebastian is promoting his 3rd Showtime special, find out what a "farmer's blow" is, and Pete meets a Goodfella and may or may not have made it awkward!

Topics discussed

  • Pete extolls the virtues of carrying a bandana

Quotes from the episode

  • I know I’m gonna get ripped to shreds for the shirt I wore.
  • Growing up, never a big brussel sprout guy. Now? Love brussel sprouts! What the hell happened?
  • I would say between fall and winter, I average 2 a day? (farmer’s blow)
  • I just don’t think snot and coffee mix.
  • I don’t do the farmer’s blow at all. I find it repulsive.
  • Everytime I wear it, guys call it a purse.
  • I will not wear sunglasses if I’m gonna bleed my day into my night.
  • Even if it would look fantastic to walk into the resterraunt with the shades on, It ain’t worth walking out with them in my hand at 9:30!
  • Sebastian’s fall fashion tip #1: You’re gonna start to feel the chill of the fall…there’s nothin nicer than wrapping yourself up in a nice wool scarf.
  • If you don’t think you can throw down that much, Dolce & Gabbana is also good.
  • You can’t be suckin’ down hamburgers, honey!
  • What did he do? Eat meatball sandwiches the whole way home after he signed the contract? WTF?