Episode Details
Release Date September 6, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 20 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 231
Intro Music

Pete gives us a peek inside the writer's room and Sebastian gets his first billboard on Sunset Boulevard!

Topics discussed

  • Italian Take: Boycotts, parent mixup

Quotes from the episode

  • When people give me a gift, they want to give me another gift just because of the reaction.
  • That’s a long hem-and-haw!
  • We visit the house like a gravesite. We just say our prayers and leave.
  • Why is everything so big? (child transport)
  • I do the “no-hit scare” move.
  • I was literally rubbing my feet in poop.
  • Even if I got in it, I don’t know if I could be quiet about it. (escaping through sewer pipe)
  • I think you need your own podcast! (To Lana)
  • I’ve been driving the opposite way of the billboard, and I look back at it!
  • Poland? I don’t think so. (as a vacation destination)