Episode Details
Release Date August 12, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 4 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 229
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Pete & Sebastian cover these topics: Snobs in the Hamptons, Olympic events, and "when is it okay to take your shirt off?" Plus so many more funny stories!

Topics discussed

  • Pete’s day job grind is getting to him
  • Sebastian re-tells his parking cone story from last cast
  • Sebastian’s mail theft problems result in JJ Watt sending 3 pairs of shoes to the Maniscalco manse.
  • Show within a show: this week in blubbering!
  • Sebastian meets Christie Brinkley in person, causing him to question unevenly attractive couples.
  • Pete is enjoying the hiking in Long Island, despite being outpaced by his wife.

Quotes from the episode

  • The snobbery is on another level!
  • There were some dogs there that had more class than me!
  • They look at you like, oh, what? You wanna eat here?
  • I walk back to the hostess stand. She looks at me and goes, "1?”
  • He’s hunting greatness, and I’m asking for a third pair of shoes. I’m asking for a first pair!
  • Hold your breath, breathe through your mouth, keep your eyes closed, it will only last a little while.
  • What I gotta do to earn the money is physically bed this man.
  • We didn’t tell them there was 21 hilarious minutes that we couldn’t air up front.
  • What are you? In the Alps, man? I can see a 7/11 from the top of the mountain!
  • Maybe they’re looking at us and going: No umbrella? When it’s sunny out?!
  • With all the waxin’ you do and that apple stem between your legs, everybody would have probably assumed you were wearing a pair of flesh-toned skinny jeans!