Episode Details
Release Date July 27, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 27 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 227
Intro Music "Only You" - The Platters
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Pete meets one of his heroes and Sebastian has a disturbing time at the doctor in this hilarious episode!

Topics discussed

  • Pete spends a whirlwind evening meeting Billy Joel and dining with Chaz Palminteri
  • Sebastian goes to a Hollywood doctor with long hair, has a great experience save for his own underwhelming presentation
  • The guys are gearing up for their participation in the montreal comedy festival.
  • Pete’s family trip to Wet & Wild Waterpark leaves him disappointed in his fellow humans
  • Sebastian however, is surprised at the caliber of individual at the San Diego Comic Con
  • Sebastian gets the most expensive haircut of his life, while Pete gets a touch-up in the kitchen sink.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: I promised myself I wasn’t gonna say “Big Fan…” and then I opened with it.
  • Pete: What a gesture! I was moved!
  • Pete: I think Billy Joel could sense that he was in the presence of his biggest fan in the world…Kevin James: “The whole room could sense that.”
  • Sebastian: He went in for a checkup…they told him he’s got 3 days to live!
  • Sebastian: We nicknamed him “Hot Doc”
  • Pete: It doesn’t matter, if I do or not, that thing, guy. Don’t worry about it.
  • Pete: Alright man, we goin’ down cumdump alley right now?
  • Sebastian: I take down my pants and my dick is the smallest I’ve ever seen it.
  • Sebastian: When I saw it, I almost had to apologize.
  • Sebastian: I fill it up to the top, had a nice head on it.
  • Pete: It’s a skirt of hanging skin all around his feet
  • Pete: Where do you live, dude?
  • Pete: I thought you’d at least say, maybe you should donate them to kids with small dicks, cause that seems to be a bigger concern of yours.
  • Pete: 95% of the time I looked at my father as a child, he was in a suit!
  • Pete: Maybe she’s stunning, and she’s just like “You earned it, baby"