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Runtime 1 hour, 4 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 226
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Pete adjusts to city life again and they talk about Pokemon, Sebastian's mom's crush, and hot guys in this hilarious episode!

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Quotes from the episode

  • Jackie: What? Do you think you’re a writer? Are you from Brooklyn, guy?
  • Sebastian: You don’t pull any punches when you guys duke it out verbally. Pete: It’s just words, man!
  • Sebastian: The only time I’ve seen a lifeguard get off the lifeguard stand was go to home.
  • Pete: This is the only place I feel at home!
  • Pete: Total showoff move, man.
  • Sebastian: Here I go! Like a kid.
  • JJ Watt: You would have thought Frank Sinatra walked in.
  • Pete: We live in such a terrible time!
  • Sebastian: We used to do these things back in the day. Remember? Little games?
  • Sebastian: Look at this shit!
  • Pete: I’m too good looking to go out in public with out my ring on. Sebastian: Oh wait, wait…
  • Pete: My father would literally call me Vice Head at the dinner table.