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Release Date July 8, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 13 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 225
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Sebastian had a hell of a time getting to his Jersey gig, Pete is napping on the job, and who is our target audience?

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Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: You’re letting that outfit know we’ve got a big night!
  • Sebastian: My picture on my license was when I was 26…I’m 42. It looked like my son!
  • Sebastian: You might very well be asked to leave an airplane because Auntie Francis needs her Hallmark birthday card!
  • Sebastian: It’s well worth the money to purchase yourself a nice tuxedo. Pete: Again, hittin’ that 25 y/o target audience!
  • Sebastian: You snore? You actually lost your privileges to sleep on the plane.
  • Pete: You put your hand over your head like you’re thinking...but you’re really having like a 2 minute nap.
  • Jimmy from Boston: Just because you’ve got a bunch of useless scraps in a room doesn’t make it a museum. A menagerie of bullshit is more like it!