Episode Details
Release Date June 24, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 16 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 223
Intro Music Black hole sun - cover

Sebastian returns from an Italian adventure and Pete has some amazing news in this hilarious episode!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is back from Australia and Italy, gained about 8 pounds
  • Sebastian has a bathroom encounter with a “busy” patron
  • A discussion of what one can remove from a hotel room without being detected.
  • Sebastian’s stay at Belmond Splendido portofino italy is one he’s been anticipating since it’s mention to him in 2003.
  • In addition to fine dining, Sebastian treats himself to fine laundry service.
  • Sebastian attends his Dad’s birthday and decides it will be the final time he sleeps there instead of a hotel.
  • Sadie got a concussion and Pete is impressed with the ER doctor.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: My move is I’ll pretend I’m singing a bit of a song…I’d rather have the guy tell me he’s busy
  • Pete: Is a luggage rack free to take? Cause I’ve taken one!
  • Sebastian: The coffee machine that they leave you…can I take it?
  • Pete: On a lower scale, when I check into a Marriot, and they say ‘You’re in our C building’ What you’ll wanna do is walk through the parking lot like a peasant, with your shit, and…'
  • Pete: This ain’t 1997 guy, I don’t wanna be in this shitbox, get me up the hill!
  • Pete: Don’t kid yourself-I’ve always got one eye on the Russians!
  • Pete: The only time they talk is to make plans to break the law!
  • Pete: Whenever I’m hiking and I see someone in sneakers…it’s white trash.
  • Sebastian: Let’s get organized!
  • Pete: The bloom is off the rose with this guy!
  • Pete: I’ll bring the milk home! STFU! Heey little girl did you bump your head?
  • Pete: What kind of a dump is your house that you’d rather be here?!