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Runtime 1 hour, 13 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 221
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Pete has more trouble with different neighbors and Sebastian tells of his adventures down under!

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Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: I was so proud of myself wearing 2 outfits for travel
  • Sebastian: No no, I gotta go to the bathroom to change into my plane wear
  • Pete: They go; What are you bringing back? Just memories, baby.
  • Pete: You can’t expect anyone to know that-you’re psychotic!
  • Pete: I’m surprised he didn’t have one of those chips on the end of his phone!
  • Sebastian: OK everybody buck up $68 for the solo cups and chicken I bought.
  • DJ Lou: One time there were farm animals in here with the people
  • Pete: We’ve all had just about enough of you around here
  • Sebastian: You’re leaving that in, by the way.
  • Sebastian: This is like farm people.
  • Sebastian: Man you’re really living of the land over there.
  • Pete: Anderson cooper doesn’t travel this much!