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Release Date
Runtime 1 hour, 14 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 219
Intro Music Put your lights on - Santana feat Everlast
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Sebastian has some bad news besides going to an awful party and Pete gives an Amish update, plus the guys teach us how to talk to women!

Topics discussed

  • News of Sebastian’s show not being picked up elicits supportive comments from everyone except his father
  • Sebastian attends an underwhelming surprise party for an adult man, his attempts to interact with a child backfire.
  • A discussion of how the guys intend to age and expire, plus etiquette for the surviving spouse.
  • Response to Pete’s boom truck operation has been positive, and the Amish continue to impress by going the extra mile.
  • A clip of Pete’s political humor
  • Discussion of “picking” from the meal as it is prepared vs. waiting to be served
  • After a trip to the grocery store, Sebastian outlines his produce regimen
  • Conversation tips for speaking with women and regulating your spouse in conversation

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: You might think you’re not saying the F word anymore, but you def aint saying it any less! Clean it up, will ya?
  • Sebastian: My show didn’t go. That’s the introduction for today.
  • Sebastian: Kids came to the party, found out there was no alcohol, said “surprise” and “g’bye” it was me and my parents.
  • Sebastian: Babe…just remember…we got a great roof!
  • Pete: …and don’t fuck nobody! I’m watchin' you!
  • Pete: Jackie would be like: Guy, you’re ruining the put, my hands are full of shit, I not doing it right now.
  • Sebastian: I don’t wanna have to eat my alcohol.
  • Sebastian: What I see coming’ at my head is 2 soles
  • Sebastian: This your’s?!
  • Sebastian: Still with this?
  • Sebastian: Do you think anybody’s gonna relate to that? * Pete: It’s not gonna get picked up. It doesn’t matter.
  • Sebastian: You sound like a woman!
  • Sebastian: Pattern yourself off of Pete’s broomstick drug bit with it going in a woman’s vagina...if he was single, he would have seen where the broomstick went!