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Runtime 1 hour, 12 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 218
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The guys play a new round of "Man-erios" and Pete has stories about the Amish changing his life in this hilarious new episode!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is broadcasting from his father’s basement in Chicago
  • Celebrity run-in etiquette, including a missed opportunity to meet Tony Bennett
  • Pete has 4 Amish roofers working on his home.
  • Sebastian is waiting on the news of whether his pilot will be picked up by NBC.
  • Information on how the taping of Sebastian’s special, “Why would you do that?” went.
  • Pete talks about writing a letter to the NY Times after Breuer’s pilot wasn’t picked up.
  • Manario’s: Loading a gun and firing it, confronting the President after he propositioned your wife, acting as referee to a sports game, kick down a door,

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: Mean old Jimmy comes along and busts your idol’s balls #breathawaybiscuit
  • Sebastian: My father is now a hoarder. There is shit all over this house.
  • Pete: Were you in a room with Tom Cruise? Sebastian: That was just an example. Pete: Use a lesser example.
  • Sebastian: Leah Romy? Leah Remy?
  • Sebastian: Is this thing even street legal?
  • Pete: These are your friends? Yeah! What are you gonna do?
  • Pete: They don’t make small talk with each other because they’re SO BORING.
  • Mighty fine house you’ve got here, sir.
  • Sebastian: This should be an education on how to run a business.
  • Sebastian: Get me out on the soccer field with some adidas cleats and some shin guards and I’m a different man.