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Runtime 1 hour, 10 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 216
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Sebastian tells of the time he me The Purple One! Pete has great stories and he tries not to curse while telling them!

Topics discussed

  • A moment of silence for Prince, leading into Sebastian's Prince story
  • Sebastian has a plane story heading to Buffalo
  • Pete channels a drunk college kid's desire for a Big Mac during Fredoniafest
  • Sal Vulcano & Joey Fatone came out to Sebastian's Vegas show

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: "Enough with this useless hat wearin’ young Alyssa Milano-Looking tube of toothpaste!"
  • Sebastian: "It was as if you could smell what a unicorn smelled like."
  • Pete: "I would never make out with a man...but I think Prince would have the best chance."
  • Pete: "Atlanta to Buffalo: loaded with heavy hitters"
  • Sebastian: "My wife...I think she's turning into me"
  • Pete: "You're bangin your wife where you mom banged your dad! That's more wacko than stuffin your dog!"
  • Sebastian: "You wanna bang your wife in the kitchen...This is where my Mommy made pancakes!"