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Release Date
Runtime 1 hour, 16 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 215
Intro Music While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Cover)
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Sebastian does something unheard of to try and get on an airplane and Pete has a lovely encounter with Vannesa Williams!

Topics discussed

  • It’s Pete’s birthday and also 4/20!
  • Watching JJ Watt work out, a discussion of Gold’s gym.
  • Pete loves “The Chew”
  • How to approach a friend with a bad lifestyle habit
  • Pete wraps up his Brian Regan experience
  • Sebastian tries to bribe the TSA
  • Pete tells a story of tagging along on a Vanessa Williams train
  • Walking Dead recap with Pete
  • Pete is wrangling roofing contractors

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy wants some face cookies!
  • The guy carries himself like a Kennedy!
  • Is it bouncy to say, ‘No, but I’d love to come with a cup of coffee and watch you work out.'
  • Tannum Chating? Tatum Chatum? Learn your hunks, fellas!
  • You put on some political talk radio? It enrages me! I get so angry that I lift more weight than if I was listening to Megadeth!
  • I could probably lift a car if I was listening to Ted Cruz give a speech.
  • You really crushed it again, Zach!
  • Everyone should work out. But if you’re smoking, doing drugs, cheating on your wife, that’s none of my business.
  • Scorcese’s using Bobby Cavanaugh and Ray Romano because he thinks you’re not gonna work anymore
  • We’re looking at end of July…ok so probably end of August…right probably October.
  • So you’re doin’ it too? But I had a hundred dollar bill in my hand.
  • I wanted pilot treatment.
  • Something real black and cool and sexy, but nice.
  • I was reluctant to have a kid because we have a $19trillion deficit, and this is zombie-less land!
  • The fantastically talented thespian Lenny James.