Episode Details
Release Date April 15, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 21 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 214
Intro Music Harry Chapin, "WOLD"
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The guys are back!!! Sebastian tells stories of his NBC pilot with Tony Danza and Pete gets everyone riled up on American Airlines!

Topics discussed

  • Back after a hiatus, but not long enough to finish Sebastian’s house project (16 months running)
  • Sebastian dialed in on the pilot, the hardest thing he as ever done.
  • Pete has plane stories, but is still a better flyer than his wife
  • Pete is considering taking down a 100-year old tree on the rental property next door while doing his own tree trimming.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "I can’t believe I just referred to Mconahey as a good actor!"
  • Sebastian: "Don’t you love a big pile of mail in front of you?"
  • Sebastian: "I’ll pop out of a scene and turn to camera."
  • Pete: "The last thing you need is some yoyo they pulled off the street for the free food telling you how to act"
  • Pete: "We do the cast-at the salon-$50 on top of the regular cut and you get to listen to the cast live."
  • Sebastian: "They actually tour with their podcast." Pete: "I can’t even get you for an hour!"
  • Pete: "When you get inside the actor’s studio with Lipton you better have a better example than that. Tony knew not to talk over the slammin’ door. What a thespian!"
  • Pete: "What-are you in a band? Enough with the flicking’ to the music."
  • Pete: "You can’t get helicopters out here fast enough that I gotta get wet? We’re Americans, man!"
  • Pete: "What are we raising? I’d tell my daughter, swallow that shit!"
  • Sebastian: "I’ve got a voice only my wife can hear."
  • Pete: "I shut the window. Ride’s over. Go back to your magazine. Nothin to see here."
  • Pete: "What grown man needs to fly a toy over the airport?"
  • Pete: "I don’t make a sound and I just give him a glare."
  • Pete: "Yeah, yeah. Go talk to the wizard! Why doesn’t the wizard come out?"
  • Pete: "Oh, yeah! I got ‘em all riled up now! Like a whip, I just smack em in the ass collectively like a team!"
  • Pete: "Kids are on the floor! Meanwhile the white trash kid was on the floor at 4:30 when we thought we were leaving on time."
  • Sebastian: "You would have been arrested!"
  • Pete: "I walk really fast up the aisle, and I lean over and I go, 'A commercial? You’re doing a commercial?!'"
  • Pete: "No bites, huh? No bites?!"
  • Sebastian: "I would rather throw up in my lap, than say ‘Take the headrest off.'"
  • Sebastian: "One star: wanted to take car apart during the trip"