Episode Details
Release Date April 8, 2016
Runtime 49 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 213
Intro Music

Pete has a confession to make about the state of the show.

Topics discussed

  • Pete makes a short, solo intro before going into an aborted ship-to-shore conversation between him and Sebastian.
  • DJ Lou show within a show.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "One half is doing my lines, the other half is going ‘is this guy gonna put the bagel away?’"
  • Sebastian: "Probably one of the worst speeches I have ever given or anyone has ever heard."
  • Sebastian: "Great speech, like sarcastically" (Danza to Sebastian)
  • Sebastian: "This thing is sinkin’ like a ship. Now I got an edit, that’s all that is."
  • Pete: "No, until this morning, I didn’t know I had a little white trash inside of me"
  • Jimmy from Boston: "Biscuit was worried I was gonna steal his TV, so I had to stay in the kitchen with the staff all night."