Episode Details
Release Date March 11, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 7 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 210
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The guys separately spend time with Brian Regan, Tony Danza, and Jerry Seinfeld!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is in a dilemma having acquired two hard-to-get reservations to the same restaurant, prompting a discussion of the inner workings of the reservation racket.
  • Pete has a great time during his shows with Brian Regan and learns about peach schnapps, tour busses, Wayons brothers sexual preferences
  • Inspired by Regan's partaking of local cuisine, Pete hits up Slyman's corn beef in Cleveland.
  • Shuli checks in, offers himself and his kids as possible fill-in co-hosts.
  • Sebastian talks about his dinner at Patsy's with Tony Danza
  • Tony Danza has a full side-production of the show to prepare for this role as Sebastian's father
  • Sebastian has cast Vanessa Lachey as the Lana character, casting a child actor has him
  • Sebastian gets a master class in TV comedy via a dinner with Jerry Seinfeld and subsequent appearance at the Comedy Store
  • Sebastian reminisces about his high school girlfriend Karen taking him to see live comedy in Rosemont IL, Pete talks about his first taste of live comedy, coupled with a magic act and his first zinger.
  • Pete tells a story about Denis Leary owning a hockey rink in his old neighborhood
  • Sebastian is receiving wine in the mail despite not remembering placing the order
  • The guys discuss a name for Sebastian's TV show

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "It used to be tequila, now it's peach schnapps. What? You writin a fuckin book?"
  • Pete: "You're sitting there in the belly of the beast goin 'yeah I hear ya!'"
  • Sebastian: "I felt like I was in 1953...the only thing missing was a little cigarette after the meal!"
  • Sebastian: "He actually hit me at the table!"
  • Pete: "No disrespect here, but I don't have any Tony Danza ukulele albums...the guy's got hobbies."
  • Pete: "Being friends with you is like being friends with Richard Branson...What'd you do last week? I got a turkey sandwich. Funny thing: I WENT to Turkey, to get a sandwich!"