Episode Details
Release Date March 4, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 5 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 209
Intro Music

Sebastian has an interesting ritual before love making and Pete came up with another "Italian Take" segment!

Topics discussed

  • Pete wants to go to the Kentucky Derby
  • A discussion of whether one would have the wanderlust if raised on a farm
  • Sebastian would like Trump to be more specific, DJ Lou queues an appropriate routine from Pete’s “Give it a Rest” CD
  • Pete is auditioning alternates for when Sebastian is too busy with his NBC show
  • Sebastian’s family is having to sign release forms, despite the fact that their characters are only based on them.
  • A show-within-a-show where Jimmy channels the interaction between Pete and Marc Maron listening to Aerosmith on vinyl together
  • Sebastian opens for One Republic in Las Vegas
  • Pete’s opening for Brian Regan, a discussion of his routine and preshow ritual of peach schnapps shots
  • The guys discuss their preparations for fooling around
  • Sebastian is home alone for the first time in a while, the guys talk about what they do when home alone
  • Sebastian is coming to NYC to have dinner with Tony Danza at Patsy’s
  • The guys defend “Italian Take” after being challenged on “Driving Miss Jenny” and do an Italian Take with actual Italian news: Eating pigeon, Verona restricts non-italian eateries, jailbreak via bedsheets (and subsequent prison discussion), Sting’s wine and Sebastian’s vineyard aspirations.
  • Sebastian debates whether to vacation in Australia or Italy, largely based on the strength of the cuisine.
  • Pete’s “property brothers” parody gets Sebastian’s attention, as well as any twins that dress alike into adulthood
  • Shuli gives Sebastian’s sister the red carpet treatment for a Howard Stern studio tour

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "What am I doing here with this bland bitch?"
  • Sebastian: "When you put it that way, fuck the horses!"
  • Pete: "He said, I tell you this, if Trump becomes the next president, I’m leaving the country! It took everything in me to not lean over and go, I KNOW!
  • Pete: "I’ve heard him say, I’m going to hire the best people for that, and they’re going to tell me what we should do. Isn’t that the best answer?" Sebastian: "I’m sorry, I think that was the biggest yawn I’ve ever done on the cast."
  • Jimmy from Boston: "Great song, don’t get me wrong. But those 2 serenading each other? Bouncy as hell!"
  • Sebastian: "I take a wet wipe to my ass, and give it a nice clean swipe."
  • Pete: "If you go to the grand canyon and you lean over the edge, you don’t want it to smell! No one’s saying you’re jumpin’ down there!"
  • Pete: "You got the whole house to yourself, you’re goin’ for a book about a guy who played tennis!?"
  • Pete: "That’s what a man does, you rub the side of your house."