Episode Details
Release Date February 26, 2016
Runtime 55 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 208
Intro Music

Sebastian reveals the iconic actor who will play his sitcom father and Pete delivers an ode to The Walking Dead!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian just got out of a float tank
  • Also up on the cleanse
  • Sebastian underwhelmed with Hawaii, Pete not into the Hawaiians
  • A successful businessman gives Sebastian his autobiography, Pete is unimpressed.
  • Sebastian tells the story of talking to Tony Danza on the phone
  • Pete learns of direct messages on Twitter
  • Pete has submitted his audition to Sebastian’s show, with impressive production values
  • Pete experiences the singular greatest 1 hour television experience of his life
  • Pete’s wife refuses to see if "the dog will come out of the doghouse"
  • Pretty Berg Amburg from the Comedians book stabbing Milton Burle

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: We’ve got a guest?" Pete: "Yeah, a six pack of blue moon!"
  • Pete: "I don’t like you, right now. I don’t like this guy. Way too Tony Robbins for me."
  • Pete: "I’m not really into the Hawaiians, man."
  • Sebastian: "Can you believe this is happening?!"
  • Sebastian: "What do you think the second greatest show of all time is?" Pete: "Shit, Magnum PI"
  • Pete: "I’m covered in the guts with them, Bro!"
  • Pete: "Imagine if I died, and I still had 2 episodes of TWD left, I’d be so pissed!"
  • Pete: "Give a little rub, see if the doggy comes out of the doghouse!"
  • Pete: "It’s like my Beethoven!" (listening to “Big T" Trump speak for him)