Episode Details
Release Date February 12, 2016
Runtime 56 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 206
Intro Music The Doobie Brothers - "What a Fool Believes"

The guys talk about medical miracles and Sebastian's new assistant puts Pete on the pay-no-mind list!

Topics discussed

  • The etiquette of knocking on a vehicle, especially with a ring tap on the glass
  • Hot dogs, whether in Chicago or the Brooklyn tunnel.
  • Sebastian is on page 250 of 350 of the Agassi book.
  • Sebastian will be shooting his pilot on the same stage as Seinfeld.
  • Katherine, Sebastian's assistant, has started.
  • Sebastian is having trouble with his scapula, visits a guru who straightens his crooked ribcage, fixes the length of his uneven legs.
  • Pete has to play up his pain level in order to receive care for his groin pain.
  • Sebastian will be trying sensory deprivation and cryotherapy on the advice of Joe Rogan.

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: "Bouncing around your house, like a young, hairy Denise Richards."
  • Sebastian: "You cannot tap a window with any type of jewelry!"
  • Sebastian: "You have a hot dog and it is very hard not to keep a smile on your face during the experience."
  • Sebastian: "A book a week is not happening. I'm disappointed in myself."
  • Sebastian: "I might even wear a ball cap." Pete: (Silence)
  • Sebastian: "I've been walking around with a crooked ribcage, man!
  • Pete: "Do you do the 'doc', if it's a chiropractor?" Sebastian: "I called the guy 'bro!'"
  • Pete: "I see your crooked ribcage, and I raise you a torn labrum!"
  • Pete: "Drain the tank? What part of $75 did you not get?"