Episode Details
Release Date February 5, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 1 minute
Previous Episode Episode 205
Intro Music The Doobie Brothers - "What a Fool Believes"

Sebastian talks with Pete about an amazing new development!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian will be filming a pilot for NBC!
  • A discussion of the casting process
  • Pete is planning on folding "The Pete" web series due to low fan response
  • DJ Lou takin' it to the streets with a guy yelling, possibly on angel dust
  • An in depth discussion of sleeping attire: pajamas, sweatpants, underwear, robes
  • Live clip of Pete's crowd work turning into a town hall meeting on vehicles.
  • Pete's Mark Maron WTF episode airs Feb 8
  • Super bowl discussion
  • Sebastian recommends Billions on showtime, Pete is losing interest in Making A Murderer
  • Sebastian has hired a female personal assistant, is looking for tasks for her

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "You need to bury that mfer in the back yard with the dog and visit it on Christmas if you must."
  • Sebastian: "My father looks like the Italian Larry David"
  • Sebastian: "We're not lookin' for your twin!" Pete: "If a beautiful black woman comes in and destroys the role, we're rewriting it-it's a bi-racial sitcom!"
  • Pete: "It could follow your show on Tuesday nights!
  • Pete: "I wear contact lenses because I'm...what's that word? Cool."
  • Pete: "For anybody that didn't see it, which is just about everybody that listens to the show..."
  • DJ Lou: "That's not how you get 'em." (in response to angel dust guy saying he needs a pretty girl)
  • DJ Lou: "He got about two feet away and I got scared. And I dropped it. Like it's hot."
  • Sebastian: "I wear slippers. Is that bad?" Pete: "I'm wearin' slippers right now!"
  • Pete: "It's alright, we're talking about slippers anyway."