Episode Details
Release Date January 22, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 19 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 203
Intro Music Marty Ray Project - "Ice Ice Baby"
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This rare occasion, the guys are face to face in L.A. for the show. They discuss the lack of progress in building Sebastian's house and Pete's disappointment with his own nude body!

Topics discussed

  • The guys are broadcasting face to face from the Melrose Improv
  • Sebastian is on page 172 of the Andre Agassi biography
  • Pete went on a tour of Sebastian's home construction project before the cast, is underwhelmed with the progress
  • The guys discuss their techniques for staying awake while driving; rubbing bare feet on the carpet, slapping your own face
  • Pete reveals his plans to leave Fredonia for California based on the slow progression of climate change.
  • We learn more than we ever needed to know about Pete's potty training techniques
  • Sebastian talks about "There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane" on HBO, and an EPIX documentary on the Rocky movies.
  • Sebastian is bothered by is seatmate's behavior towards the flight attendant and audible laughter, continuing a 7-week streak of noncommunication.
  • The Correale's Christmas gift finally arrived, stone & wood insulated ice cream bowls
  • A discussion of vitamins
  • The efficacy of scentless products; Ben Gay, bleach.
  • Sebastian has been decanting his wine prior to enjoyment, despite the requisite spilling risk.
  • Pete's genitals are not aging well, despite the lack of photographic evidence of their prior glory.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "How do you not walk up and go, 'Oh, what the fuck are we all lookin at now?'"
  • Pete: "Once they go wood, can you take stuff to make them again not be wood, or are they just wood for life?"
  • Sebastian: "My father in law believes that you shouldn't take vitamins in public." Pete: "It's right up there with flossing."
  • Pete: "It's perfect, but it don't stink. Can you make it stink?"
  • Pete: "My private area, it looks every bit my age. It has aged worse than my face."
  • Pete: "That whole thing just looks...antiquey!"
  • Pete: "Only once did I do a trim sitch down there...You would have thought I told her I had a male lover. She was so turned off by that."