Episode Details
Release Date January 15, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 18 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 202
Intro Music Marty Ray Project - "Ice Ice Baby"

Pete asks questions in a segment call, "Getting To Know Sebastian", plus making your own coffin, Sebastian's new neighborhood, JJ Watt, and so much more!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is coming down with a cold, endorses Quick Defense from Whole Foods to fend off illness.
  • Pete barely makes it out of town before snow prevents him from flying out of the Buffalo airport.
  • A hypothetical invitation from Stallone
  • An in-depth discussion of "Making A Murderer"
  • Pete plays "Getting to Know Sebastian", suiting up, the zoo, hangover beverage, stealing, alter boy vs Michael Jackson influence, see a thousand dollar bill, see someone shoot up, take a dump outside (moving into an epic story about Sebastian and a birdcage), going to Heaven.
  • Pete manages to screw up putting food in the oven.
  • Sebastian considers full time security service from ADT.
  • El Chapo, lottery tickets
  • Sebastian is experimenting with an alternative meet & greet experience, "The Encore Event"
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  • JJ Watt sends the guys a heartfelt endorsement of appreciation while recovering from surgery.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "This Quick Defense is in every rock band's bag." Pete: "Right next to the coke."
  • Sebastian: "I don't think I can do the knee touching again. I don't think that works."
  • Sebastian: "I'd be up there goin, 'You're lying through your teeth, ya jackass.'"
  • Sebastian: "There's even a line up on Mount Everest? You can't even get away from the lines?
  • Sebastian: "I wanna see the gorilla front and center."
  • Sebastian: "I feel like if the Gatorade is blue, for some reason that is going to kill the hangover."
  • Pete: "I'm more of a Nestle Chocolate Kwik guy."
  • Sebastian: "Gimme your steal story." Pete: "I mean, how much time ya got? Are you kidding me?"
  • Sebastian: "Have you ever seen a thousand dollar bill?" Pete: "No, I wasn't even sure there was one when I wrote this."
  • Sebastian: "I had to run in the back of the U-Haul while it was moving and shit in the birdcage."
  • Pete: "I don't know what's more disturbing, that you shit in a birdcage, or that you thought it would be cool to have a bird in college!"
  • Pete: "I'd like to get a part in a movie where I have to shave my head."
  • Sebastian: "I wonder what it is to just have a squad car outside the house constantly."