Episode Details
Release Date January 3, 2016
Runtime 59 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 200
Intro Music Everlast - "7 Years"

Pete starts to hate his favorite holiday and Sebastian embarrasses himself at a holiday party!


No bones for you, ladies.

Topics discussed

  • Christmas recap: Sebastian spills wine, disapproves of women chewing a meat bone, Pete is alienated by his family.
  • A discussion of whether one should apologize for his wife
  • Pete goes back to the stereo guy for his money back, leaves with a sob story
  • There will be an endorsement day for the guys' political candidate of choice
  • Sebastian's spending New Years at home, Pete is in the Jolly Hotel Madison Towers.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "When someone opens a Mcdonalds bag on the plane, I'm like; did somebody take their socks off?"
  • Pete: "When I smell that, I just know we have white trash confirmed on the plane."
  • Sebastian: "What is this? Honest nog?"
  • Pete: "I don't care if he's been on cocaine for 4 days, get him off my fuckin' couch!"