Episode Details
Release Date October 19, 2012
Runtime 43 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 1
Intro Music Unknown

Topics discussed

  • Pete skipped his wife's friend's annual 4th of July part on Lake Erie, missed a shirtless Rob "The Gronk" Gronkowski, hammock sleeping
  • Pete asks Sebastian about the prospects of his father selling his sperm to breed more comedians with his talent level
  • Live clip from Pete's show regarding ass-grabbing
  • Sebastian tells the story of visiting his Lana's family in North Carolina; preparing to ask the family for her hand in marriage and requisite shedding of tears
  • "This is gonna get emotional" crying interlude by DJ Lou
  • Russians have moved in next door to Pete's "porn den"; bringing with them a pet rabbit, outdoor couch, blankets and kitty litter on the roof.
  • A discussion of aversion to jumping another's car, Sebastian's concerns about contagious car problems.
  • Pete tests out Sebastian's acting chops on a barber monologue cold read.
  • Don't call Sebastian's Dad a barber, he's a hairstylist.
  • Sebastian is getting friendly with John Legend, attends a pool party and brings a bottle of Grey Goose, unaware Legend is sponsored by the vodka and gets free product
  • Pete tells a story about partying with John Mayer and committing a social faux-pas.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "And now the tears start coming..." Pete: "From you? Unbelievable."
  • Pete: "You've been meaning to talk to her all week, but you've been too busy sleeping with her daughter downstairs to come upstairs and ask if you could marry her...too."
  • Pete: "I am most likely making love to my wife in the same room that Ron Jeremy banged chicks in."