Episode Details
Release Date December 19, 2015
Runtime 55 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 198
Intro Music "Those Were the Days" (Theme from 'All in the Family')

The guys talk about getting fired from early jobs, men crying, Christmas stuff, and Sebastian dancing!

Topics discussed

  • Jimmy from Boston's criticisms lead Pete to feel like he's overstepping his bounds
  • After consideration, the back catalog of episodes will remain free at no charge, so DJ Lou will not have to replace all the music with royalty-free alternatives
  • A discussion of finding hidden talents at a young age leads Pete to divulge his passion for stilt-walking.
  • Sebastian talks about telemarketing for Olan Mills Portrait Studios and an ill-fated attempt to get a friend a job alongside him.
  • The guys compare observations of people's living behavior, refrigerator decor and house smells from their days working in plumbing and portrait sales.
  • Sebastian is taken aback by Pete's reluctance to make the eggnog.
  • Sebastian recommends Saint Vincent (2014) starring Bill Murray.
  • A discussion of the cathartic value of men crying, and how often is appropriate.
  • Sebastian recommends Serial, This American Life #574 Dec 14 2015, tribute to Frank Sinatra.
  • Sebastian is interviewing candidates for an assistant, and the talent pool has him disappointed in the interviewees, and the country at large.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "Did he go rogue?"
  • Pete: "I don't use that, "ASAP." I find it to be rude."
  • Sebastian: "You need the documents right away or the client is gonna be furious. Ay, you get it when you get it."
  • Pete: "That's the bounciest shit I ever heard; we're in the bottom of the ninth and you're going home for piano lessons?"
  • Sebastian: "Did you have anything? Other than this so-called basketball career you think you had?"
  • Sebastian: "How the hell are we on episode 200, and just now I'm finding out you walk on stilts?"
  • Sebastian: "You're walkin around on stilts, and you're making fun of Danny talking piano?"
  • Sebastian: "There's stuff on the bottom where the freezer is!"
  • Pete: "I never carried my house smell out with me, man."
  • Sebastian: "This guy ain't working for Olan Mills, he's working for Olan Millilldo of the Gambino crime family."
  • Sebastian: "You might have to see a doctor. I've never heard of that." Pete: "Oh so it's only OK to cry when a movie star is patting your shoulder?"
  • Sebastian: "Not only myself, but flanked by four professional dancers?"
  • Sebastian: "Thanks for your time, but you're gonna have to leave."