Episode Details
Release Date November 14, 2015
Runtime 55 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 194
Intro Music Poison - "Talk Dirty to Me"

Pete Correale's Showtime Special is tonight at 11pm eastern!!!! And this new show is hilarious as well.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian just got done with a good cry after Facetiming with Lana and looking at photos of her with her late father, kicking off a discussion of legacies and watching down from above.
  • Pete's wife, Jackie's annual exam involves a good looking young doctor and full nudity.
  • Sebastian's back-home friends visit him in West Palm Beach, offend Sebastian with their aggressive gawking at attractive women.
  • Sebastian has settled in to a rhythm filming Cruise, has the acting bug.
  • Sebastian is treated to first-class treatment after his Morgan Stanley corporate gig, including a personal fog attendant.
  • Pete is at the Royalton Riviera in Cancun being treated to beyond 5-star accommodations, which is almost too much.
  • A discussion of the healing properties of salt water.
  • Dom Irrera treats Pete to a sweet sweet hang, discuss doing "classic" material vs new.
  • Michael Jackson concerts, doobies and encores.
  • Sebastian is going to a Rangers game on Thursday, watching Pete's Showtime special on Friday.
  • The aesthetic of Pete's recording room does not impress Sebastian.
  • Sebastian has to enlighten Lana that men interpret her friendliness as availability.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "It's nice to say that you need a good cry more than you need a good cumdump."
  • Pete: "You're laughing? I'm dead...and you're laughing?"
  • Pete: "That has to be a class in medical school; when a woman gets naked, don't roll your eyes."
  • Sebastian: "There's a difference between taking a glance at an attractive woman, and having the cops called to the pool because of what you're doing."
  • Sebastian: "I gotta get this guy at the house!" (Fog guy)
  • Pete: "So you stared out waist-deep water into the horizon, and then came out and had a Top Gun moment with your buds."
  • Sebastian: "You don't need any other stimulus other than Michael Jackson. He *is* the drug."
  • Pete: "The kinda concerts I go to; the lights go off, the lighters go on!" Sebastian: "Oh, God."