Episode Details
Release Date November 6, 2015
Runtime 1 hour
Previous Episode Episode 193
Intro Music Dave Matthews Band - "Warehouse"

Undervalued at $4000.

Pete is back on land. Sebastian is on his movie set. And they both get embarrassed!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian's experience shooting Cruise has him waiting around, fighting to keep his lines, frustrated by the lack of structure on set.
  • The guys trade stories about on-set experiences
  • Pete has a "major incident on a flight" and the police are called.
  • Sebastian has a graphic conversation with his wife involving the phrase "cumdump", but as Pete says, "it gets worse."
  • Sebastian reiterates his recommendation of Milos NYC, get the fried zucchini with the tasiki sauce, the greek salad ($32), additionally Heitz Cabernet.
  • Pete apologizes for last week's song
  • Pete discovers "Antiques Roadshow" (currently in season 20), is disappointed in the low value of John Adams' death chair
  • Pete's neighbor is overly protective of his children playing with his daughter, Sebastian thinks parents should not be asking for Halloween candy alongside their children.
  • A discussion of driveway vs. street parking etiquette for guests

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "We spent an hour and a half setting up for the scene, now we gotta go eat rice and carrots?"
  • Pete: "I'm off the boat literally 4 hours, already a major incident on a flight."
  • Pete: "I bet you wouldn't be harassing me if I was muslim right now! Then I'd have a lawsuit."
  • Pete: "They know, that we know, we're lucky to be Italian."
  • Sebastian: "Ugh, you heard 'cumdump?'"
  • Sebastian: "What's that? President passed away in that chair."