Episode Details
Release Date October 30, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 10 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 192
Intro Music Rod Stewart - "I Didn't Know What Time It Was"

Sebastian moves up the ladder as an actor, Pete is close to escaping the boat, and they play Manarios!

Armand Assante

Topics discussed

  • The guys talk about the GOP debate after having a satisfying off-air rant.
  • Sebastian shot his first movie this week, playing a comedian in The House with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler.
  • Despite being under unprecedented stress, Sebastian is buried in movie scripts
  • Pete gives Sebastian acting tips for this role as Denardo in Cruise
  • DJ Lou show-within-a-show tribute to the Mets
  • Sebastian has harsh criticism of Pete's living conditions on the boat and the maintenance of the milk frother.
  • Pete sings a song about the show
  • Listener shout outs
  • Manarios: Assisting an older female worker at Home Depot with heavy boxes, spooning with a stranger for warmth, endorsing a candidate for President that you don't agree with.
  • A sidebar conversation about a feminist fan's negative iTunes review of sexism on the show

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: "Let’s not lose our old pal scooter-biscuit!"
  • Pete: "She's Putin in a dress!"
  • Pete: "Do they even know about your other powers?"
  • Sebastian: "Maybe I'll pull an Oscar out of this performance."
  • iTunes review from Feminist Fan: "Only four stars due to the sexism running rampant."
  • Sebastian: "I'm spooning with the stranger...I'm tellin this guy: turn the other way and let's get together."
  • Sebastian: "From Pete. Have a great game. Wow that was gay."
  • Sebastian: "What is this? Prison?"