Episode Details
Release Date October 23, 2015
Runtime 45 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 191
Intro Music The Beatles - "Octopus's Garden"

Boats, planes, and giving back!

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Where the hell did you get a Batman outfit that can fit a 300 lb 6’5” goliath? Warner Bros custom made it for him!

Topics discussed

  • The guys continue to impress themselves with the technical prowess required in delivering a sea-to-land recording.
  • Pete suggests a weekly presidential announcement to address keep human behavior, with example of take-away buffet food in the ship cabins.
  • More ship behavior reports: Pete avoids a drug test, records a verbal exchange with security, insults children in the pool.
  • Not to brag, but Sebastian hitched a final ride on the Oddball Comedy Festival private jet, despite an amateurish car ride to the airport involving a Garmin GPS.
  • Sebastian engages the pilots of the private jet, ends up flying the plane and aspiring to join the Navy.
  • Sebastian is ready for Manarios but Pete wants to wait for a land-to-land connection.
  • Pete and Jackie go to an ice bar on the boat.
  • A discussion of the NY Mets and their chances for the World Series.
  • Pete removes the cover of Mens Health magazine so as not to be made uncomfortable by a shirtless JJ Watt.
  • Watt's turn as Batman inspires Sebastian to question his own charitable contributions

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: "You're like one healthy deuce and garden salad away from having the body of a young James Van Der Beek."
  • Pete: "The fact that we're opening with ship talk and I'm the voice of the ship...we just do what we do and we get the hell off."
  • Pete: "You look like a FOOL in here. You look like a FOOL!" (to a child in the kiddie pool)
  • Pete: "We got one rule: don't jump off. See ya Saturday."
  • Sebastian: "We're the only show that says 'thank you' to no-names."
  • Sebastian: "Unless it was you, I woulda said 'WHEELS UP!'"
  • Pete: "I have to go upstairs and entertain...children. They bring em to the 7:00 show it's ridiculous."