Episode Details
Release Date October 16, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 40 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 190
Intro Music Jack Johnson - "Rodeo Clowns"

Pete is stuck on a boat before his new special comes out and Sebastian gets coffee with Seinfeld!


Topics discussed

  • Pete is on the boat going through extensive safety training and expectorating in public.
  • Pete's investigative instincts kick in when a shared bathroom is defiled.
  • A discussion of aging and physical appearance, including Pete's jowl tan lines.
  • Show within a show where DJ Lou tells about his dream of having a slumber party with Eddie Vedder.
  • Sebastian has a delicious Jimmy Johns experience despite an angry, apathetic staff.
  • Performing on the Oddball Comedy Festival has Sebastian spoiled by private jet travel, blackballed because of his politics.
  • Sebastian's punctuality and professionalism as Johnny the Groundhog impresses the cast and crew.
  • Jerry Seinfeld picks up Sebastian and takes him out for a hot beverage, beginning a whirlwind 48 hours of first-class treatment.
  • Live clip of Pete calling out a couple for making out
  • Pete is celebrating his 15th wedding anniversary, don't forget to watch his Showtime special on Friday, November 13.

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: "You gotta attack that bastard like Petey's thighs attack each other in those white corduroy pants."
  • Sebastian: "I better not see a drop of any of your fluid in the bathroom."
  • Pete: "There's a tanline where I didn't get color cause there's a foldover on my old face."
  • Sebastian: "It's nice to eat a Jimmy Johns in peace and without getting looked at by your wife like you're doing a line of coke."
  • Pete: "Bernie Sanders...I can't have you next to Putin having a cup a coffee."
  • Sebastian: "Answer your own question and move the meeting along."
  • Pete: "Can someone use the Rosetta Stone so I can have a conversation in the elevator?"
  • Sebastian: "I know I'm supposed to wait...but I'm dying to know what the lemons are for."
  • Sebastian: "I'm hoping they take some of what I look like and infuse that into the groundhog."
  • Pete: "This *whole night* is me."