Episode Details
Release Date October 9, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 13 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 189
Intro Music Obadiah Parker - "Hey Ya"

Sebastian joins the Oddball Festival and Pete meets his female equivalent!


Topics discussed

  • Sebastian has a nightmare about his storage unit being burglarized
  • Sebastian enjoyed performing at the Oddball comedy festival despite being encouraged to read liberal propaganda
  • Pete is further endeared to Tom Brady by learning he cheek-kisses male friends
  • Sebastian's corporate gig for IHOP initiates a conversation about breakfast establishments and pancake preferences
  • Show-within-a-show: a celebration of Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder
  • Small town life with Pete: roofers who won't roof, school kids using his tire swing and killing his seeded lawn (and Sebastian with several creative, passive-aggressive solutions)
  • Sebastian's beginning voiceover work as Johnny the Bruiser
  • Last week's technical glitch ruins the Friday plans of fans and is blamed for a Texans loss by JJ Watt.
  • Sebastian is supporting AFA Alzheimers at Gotham Comedy Club November 11.
  • Pete's Providence show results in an 11-hour road trip where he encounters "the female Pete"
  • The guys give free endorsements to Blue Moon and Heitz Cabernet, refuse to read a sexually-themed ad (but not Lou!)
  • A discussion of respecting the microphone by not rubbing garlic and cold sores on it.
  • Sebastian squirms in the back of a car as his driver expectorates loudly into a napkin

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: "If you're out there training a dog to be your vicious protector and not just a lovable pet, you're a jerkoff and an asshole."
  • Sebastian: "If I'm not in the dream, I'm not paying attention."
  • Sebastian: "If you're eating pancakes & French toast with whipped cream, you might as well just move right into a trailer."
  • Pete: "It was like hearing Mick Jagger singing a cappella right next to you."
  • Pete: "That's MY move!"