Episode Details
Release Date October 2, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 8 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 188
Intro Music Pearl Jam, Beyonce - "Redemption Song"

Sebastian tells of burning bodies in Italy and we play the audio of Pete getting banned from a car rental place!


Anthony Bourdain

Topics discussed

  • A pre-show glimpse into Jackie playing tech support to Pete
  • Sebastian is settled in to his 6-month temporary home, has spent the day hooking up technology and impressing himself with his accomplishments
  • A discussion of couple's pillow lifestyles, including custom hand-made pillows
  • Pete's efforts to shop locally are rewarded with a less-than-stellar mattress shopping experience
  • Sebastian and Lana are the only straight couple in a building of gay men, getting into conversations at the garbage chute
  • Audio of Pete's Dollar car rental altercation
  • Additional ideas for creative uses for loved ones' ashes
  • Pete is disappointed in the lackluster listener response to his Acting Hall of Fame
  • Sebastian's father is dismayed to find his ancestors have been incinerated and their grave supplanted
  • Lana and Sebastian confront a neighbor who is running attack simulations with his dog in the front yard, Pete reports on his friend's unorthodox tree disposal methods to Sebastian's disapproval
  • Pete is disgusted to see Anthony Bourdain joke about having sex with food

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "Half of our listeners thought a custom made pillow meant a pillow that said "Go Steelers."
  • Pete: "Like a doctor's office, you should lay down a new piece of paper every time." (re: Mattress stores)
  • Pete: "His 'tired' is happier than my 'happy!'"
  • Pete: "I try to put all these nice spices in the sauce and nobody cares, they just want the sauce!"
  • Pete: "What, are they building a house for Craig T. Nelson?!"
  • Anthony Bourdain: "It's only out of deference to you that I'm not thrusting my penis into [the cheese] right now."