Episode Details
Release Date September 25, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 14 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 187
Intro Music Chris Cornell - "Nothing Compares 2 U"

Sebastian is almost homeless and the guys discuss where to bury their loved ones!


"It's a 404 drop the block buh buh"

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is in a mood resulting from the slow progress of his home renovation (new ETA: May 2016), temporary housing search and the toll it's taking on his relationship
  • Pete suggests Sebastian purchase a Pied-à-terre
  • Sebastian notices he is in a pattern of being on the receiving end of financial abuse
  • Pete and Jackie are in disagreement on Pete's phone apps being out of date
  • Sebastian recommends the city of Portland clean itself up, plus his strategy for avoiding beggers.
  • After an initial misstep at their upscale hotel, Sebastian and Lana get the presidential treatment
  • Pete's Showtime special will air Friday the 13th of November
  • Sebastian is juicing again
  • Sebastian's Dad is in Cefalù, Sicily; free of aches and pains and yelling into his Skype conversation with Sebastian.
  • A discussion of wills, estates and the importance of making one's wishes known ahead of time.
  • Pete confronts a driver who is revving his engine loudly in the neighborhood
  • Sebastian will appear on The Fighter and the Kid and Tom Papa's podcast

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I'm basically naked doing the cast."
  • Pete: "I'm wondering...elevator?"
  • Sebastian: "I got no underwear on today. I'm freeballin it."
  • Sebastian: "Google just came back and said 'is this Pete Correale that's saying this?'"
  • Sebastian: "Pied-à-terre? I turned it into an Italian word." Pete: "Well, that's what you do."
  • Sebastian: "It looks like burning man, in Portland."
  • Sebastian: "La settimana ho avuto oggi!"
  • Pete: "The woman is talking about what she wants done with her body, and you're trying to make a Sunday afternoon out of it?"
  • Pete: "Like the Stanley cup! Every player gets it for a night! Who's to say the urn ain't mobile?"
  • Sebastian: "True dat." Pete: "Oh boy you let that slip. What, did you just see Straight Outta Compton?"