Episode Details
Release Date September 10, 2015
Runtime 54 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 185
Intro Music The Isley Brothers - "Shout"

The guys play a round of Man-erios!

RobertDuncanson-Valley Pasture 1857

So bucolic.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is ready for his house to be completed.
  • Pete's daughter makes an impromptu appearance.
  • Sebastian has an epic blowout en route to Napa for Lana's birthday, has to fend off a fellow motorist
  • Pete enjoyed his spots at the Comedy Cellar alongside Howie Mandell and Artie Lange, not so much the changes in his old NY neighborhood
  • Manarios: Gratitude toward a man who saved your wife and child asking you to name the child after him, Indian fiance asks you to share milk with the rats at the rat temple.
  • Absent sponsorships from Creed cologne and Blue Moon, the guys enthusiastically read a sponsorship from Draft Kings.
  • Sebastian acting news: providing the voice of Johnny the Groundhog in Nutjobs 2
  • Angela Saviano has passed away.
  • Pete is in LA this week taping "The Reel", Sebastian will be singing on the Goddamn Comedy Jam despite it's blasphemous title

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "It's quite the contrary my dear. When you come up with aggression, you are met with aggression."
  • Pete: "Somebody get the memo; this is USA, we don't do deals!"
  • Sebastian: "Please welcome Christiano Maniscalco. A male model walks out."
  • Sebastian's friend back home: "That's not even one of your words. What? Are you trying to learn?"