Episode Details
Release Date September 4, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 6 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 184
Intro Music The Weekend - "I Can't Feel My Face"

The guys give each other well needed psychological evaluations!


Not impressed.

Topics discussed

  • Pete is exhausted from his household projects with his father-in-law.
  • Sebastian is broadcasting from his home, even though he's living in a hotel and preparing to go to Napa for Lana's birthday.
  • Mattress discussion, including Pete covertly rotating his mattress while Jackie isn't home.
  • Pete is constantly battling his own body hair shedding in the shower, Sebastian doesn't approve of Pete's "Tubberware" rinsing solution.
  • Sebastian watched the VMAs and is offended by the lack of focus on singing and dancing, and salacious clothing and drug references.
  • Pete's neighbor is parking on the front lawn, but his father-in-law is undermining his credibility to make an issue of it.
  • Sebastian has been in a mood lately and apologizes for taking it out on his wife. Sebastian discourages Pete from going to a psychiatrist.
  • Pete tells a story about missing out on a Bass Beer tour to Dan Soder and his misplaced resentment towards him.
  • As part of self-improvement, Pete has stopped reading the news.
  • Sebastian fills Pete in on Jim Breuer's Mets coverage
  • Sebastian recommends the mediterranean sea bass at Milos in NYC
  • Sebastian feels like the new kid at school, coming in mid-tour to the Oddball Comedy Festival.
  • The inaugural episode of The Pete is coming out soon, featuring green screen technology.
  • Sebastian will be singing on the Goddamn Comedy Jam

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "How many shows does this guy gotta get before he flies first class? He's embarrassing himself!"
  • Pete: "That was a; if I was in the NFL it was a four-game suspension cough."
  • Pete: "$50 an hour and you're hittin' me with 'stop and smell the roses?' I could have got that out of a chinese fortune cookie!"