Episode Details
Release Date August 28, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 31 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 183
Intro Music The Black Crowes - "Miracle To Me"

Sebastian visits a Turkish bathhouse and Pete gets into yet another altercation!

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Topics discussed

  • Pete is in Lake Champlain Island in the middle of a field
  • Took his daughter to the island clinic with a fever, suspicion of Coxsackievirus
  • Sebastian's privacy is violated by knock-and-enter hotel staff
  • Sebastian picked up a bug in Turkey and has been in the bathroom since
  • DJ Lou interlude with a Pete crowd interaction
  • Sebastian's public restroom nesting ritual, including bringing his own natural odor eliminator (Freshwave)
  • Sebastian's adventures in a Turkish bath
  • Listener advice column: proposing to a woman with an intimidating mother
  • Sebastian posits a suggestion for avoiding shootings with pre crime head-baggings.
  • Pete has a doosey of a travel story involving Dollar rent-a-car.
  • Pete butt-dials JJ Watt.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "Even when she needs Tylenol, I'm like, should I break it up?" Sebastian: "Yeah, muddle it, like a mojito."
  • Pete: "You almost hate to leave, it's like a bird that's done with the nest."
  • Pete: "To the point where if the plane went down and you had an opportunity to save that person, you might not based on what they left in the bathroom."
  • Pete: "When someone says they drink a lot of water, I almost want to waterboard 'em."
  • Pete: "She's like a matador!"
  • Pete: "He basically said 'I'd be happy to jerk that angry face off of ya if you'd like!'"
  • Sebastian: "I don't think we're using the head bag enough."
  • Pete: "All of a sudden she goes Compton on me!"