Episode Details
Release Date August 20, 2015
Runtime 2 hours, 21 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 182
Intro Music Ryan Adams - "Times Like These" (Live)

Sebastian tells of his adventures in Greece!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is casting from the coast of Bodram, Turkey, traveling with another couple, getting tips on how gay men travel (2 bathing suits!)
  • Sebastian announces that he can't swim, plus a Manario for tipping a lifeguard
  • Additional tales of decadence
  • Pete's talks about the family's unusual toiletry practices growing up
  • The public's fascination with fireworks, and the recording thereof
  • Pete tells the story of Bill Brantley, a comedian who was too ugly for ESPN (and possibilities of a sports angle on The Pete)
  • Sebastian penalizes a talkative german by allowing him to pay his tab.
  • Sebastian tells the story of attending Vince Vaughn's birthday on the way to his third date with Lana
  • After a tumultuous day of flying, Pete caps it off by arguing with a flight attendant
  • Miscellaneous podcast related housekeeping items
  • Pete reads an email from his Dad to an underwhelmed Sebastian
  • Pete looks at pictures of men's penises while eating in a restaurant
  • Pete's daughter has a new friend, who may have to sign a waiver to swing in the back yard

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "People are ordering bottles of Rosé and like, day-dancing? Have you ever day-danced?"
  • Sebastian: "I brag about not bragging."