Episode Details
Release Date July 31, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 28 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 180
Intro Music Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly"

Pete's on vacation with the family and Sebastian is on a cleanse does anyone really read this shit? (Yes, Lou!) It's funny! The show is hilarious. Enjoy!

Topics discussed

  • Follow-up on Sebastian's multiple juice cleanses; anger, euphoria
  • New ETA on Sebastian's house project is a January completion
  • Pete's in Bethany Beach, Delaware on vacation with his extended family
  • Pete shuts down a shuttle bus Skynyrd rock-out session, assesses other cool dads, steals lawn furniture and a barbecue grill.
  • Other tales from Bethany Beach: Pete's Dad takes grandson aside, Pete has an encounter with an overbearing special needs child who scares his daughter, loud pool noises, Mom on first-name basis, projectile vomiting (saved by the Lula Changing Pad)
  • Sebastian's read for the Deniro movie was well received, but he is too young for the part.
  • Montreal has redeemed itself in Sebastian's eyes, especially the cuisine.
  • Sebastian is unhappy when the kitchen closes before he's ordered.
  • Lana & Sebastian are stopped by a fan waiting outside their hotel, Pete tells story of Jim Breuer's letter to George Carlin (from previous episode).
  • Sebastian encounters a chronic cougher in a restaurant
  • Pete considers a sleep sack for hygienic travel, proposes a hotel with an open register of previous guests, may travel with his own silverware
  • A discussion about vomiting, canned clams
  • An interview with Tim Martin from IZO Cleanse
  • Sebastian reports back from the Montreal Comedy Festival, considers karaoke
  • Sebastian is moving out of his house during construction, is suspicious of fellow storage garage neighbors
  • Pete taps out early, unable to match Sebastian's glowing juice-cleanse energy

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "I think [my nephew] wanted me to invite him on to do [Sebastian impressions]...but...I didn't."
  • Pete: "Uncle Pete's here, I don't bow down to you."
  • Sebastian: "Put the kid behind the wheel, no license, ride around Walgreens."
  • Sebastian: "In my world, you don't graduate to the adult pool until you're 15."
  • Sebastian: "It was cute for you, but if I was sitting there I would have said 'take the kid inside'"
  • Pete: "Last time I was in a playground that early I was doing cocaine and it was in Central Park."