Episode Details
Release Date July 24, 2015
Runtime 51 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 179
Intro Music Carleen Anderson - "Don't Look Back in Anger"

Sebastian is at Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Canada while Pete is in the states. They talk about comedy. It's hilarious as usual.


What a dump

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is underwhelmed with Montreal and it's architecture
  • Pete is loving fatherhood
  • Sebastian & Lana are on their third hotel in four days
  • Sebastian ponders possible hobbies after discussing helicopters with Bill Burr
  • There's an injury on the site of Pete's porch construction project
  • "Enough is Enough" remix by DJ Lou
  • Pete does not care about the plight of the feature act
  • Sebastian talks about his experiences opening for classic black musical acts
  • Pete recalls opening for Frankie Valli, a class act
  • Sebastian auditions for the part of Frank Dipascali in the Deniro-starring "Wizard of Lies", the Bernie Madoff story.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I feel like the city [Montreal] has stopped moving forward, maybe since 1976."
  • Sebastian: "If you dropped me in here blindfolded, I would say I'm in Detroit."
  • Pete: "I already escorted my daughter out twice, the whole show's tainted."
  • Sebastian: "I never went to Anita Baker's dressing room, knocked on the door and said 'ya got any turkey?'"