Episode Details
Release Date July 10, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 14 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 177
Intro Music Cyndi Grecco - "Making Our Dreams Come True" (Theme from Laverne & Shirley)

It's Sebastian's birthday and they have stories about getting slapped by a child, Pete taking over his neighborhood, pranking JJ Watt, and many more!


Sebastian prepares to eat from a toilet.

Topics discussed

  • Pete has birthday trivia for Sebastian, including a Stallone connection
  • Pete's newsletter is going well, but less so with his medium t-shirt business
  • "Facts about pissing"
  • Sebastian is enjoying the mountains of North Carolina but finds the culture of "nine-o-clock midnight" to be a drag
  • Eavesdropping on a second conversation where the couple is fighting-an analysis
  • Sebastian is assaulted by a 5-year-old
  • Pete puts a child in her place while camping
  • Sebastian's Mom celebrates her 70th birthday
  • Sebastian grows a beard while in the wilderness, making Pete uncomfortable
  • Goodfellas-inspired show-within-a-show
  • Lana and Sebastian's houseguest game confuses NFL superstar JJ Watt
  • Pete's brother unveils a Disney vacation in spectacular fashion
  • Hamptons talk
  • Pete entices Sebastian with "ExLift" - a new app concept
  • Pete would like to subdivide his neighbor's underutilized property, ahead of his ultimate plans to demolish the neighborhood
  • Wedding gift etiquette for cheapskates
  • Pete's considering Periscoping his arguments with Jackie about his white-trash inability to empty his pockets

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "Enough with the hittin!"
  • Pete: "I don't care if it rains only on your tent."
  • Sebastian: "You'll never see my asshole."
  • Sebastian: "You actually motorboat the breasts!" (re: Pete's appearance in The Gynecologists)
  • Sebastian: "On the lid of the toilet, it says 'Sebastian, you're 42, nobody gives a shit.'"
  • Sebastian: "Why is there ice here - Is that to cool off the piss?"
  • Pete: "I got Hitler." (Re: Famous people that share your birthday)
  • Henry the barber: "It's only my second time cutting your hair but I'm falling in love with you!"