Episode Details
Release Date June 26, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 17 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 175
Intro Music Led Zeppelin - "That's The Way"

Sebastian has the hotel stay of his life and Pete disagrees!


Two salty italian hams.

Topics discussed

  • Pete inadvertently outs the identity of Jimmy from Boston.
  • Sebastian thoroughly enjoyed his vacation in Cabo, despite a bratty dad and a kid with a mop haircut.
  • Pete had to physically discipline his daughter for the first time.
  • Pete's gym also offers an accommodating amenity.
  • Quantifying a lifetime of overcharges
  • The guys respond to etiquette questions from listeners; broken golf club, groomsmen's gifts, uneven inheritance to successful sibling.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "You were wearing...lesbian basketball player shorts."
  • Pete: "It's like seeing the Snuffleupagus." (re: seeing Jimmy from Boston's photo)
  • Pete: "I like my blonde hair like I like my bras...on women."
  • Sebastian: "Please notify your attendant if you would like a wake up call! Whoa! Poolside?!"
  • Sebastian: "I'd ask the guy, 'how much', he'd say '50 cents' I'd say keep it."
  • Sebastian: "You shouldn't even be saying the word 'funky socks' after you turn 18."
  • Sebastian: "If she acts up, just give her a slap alright?"