Episode Details
Release Date June 19, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 16 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 174
Intro Music Rolling Stones - "Salt of the Earth"

Pete assimilates to russian workout culture in NYC.

Pete hangs out with DJ Lou and Jimmy From Boston and Sebastian reads an old letter from his agent!

Topics discussed

  • The guys recap last week's live show & live Robert Kelly "You Know What, Dude?"
  • Sebastian's juicing again before heading to Cabo.
  • New York City disappoints the guys
  • Pete reveals inside-source information about NY Mayor Bill De Blasio
  • DJ Lou, Jimmy from Boston and Pete get together for a tailgate session at Holiday Inn.
  • Sebastian reads the letter exchange he had with the "Sebastian's here!" manager.
  • Pete's preparing himself to spend time with his family in Bethany Beach, backyard camping with his in-laws.
  • Facetime hangups, live Periscope podcast

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "It's like Tyson reading his own book back." (Re: Sebastian's letter to his manager)
  • Sebastian: "They're takin' pictures outside the store, FOR WHAT?!" (Re: Dash Boutique)
  • Pete: "If I sent you a vintage Michael Jackson wouldn't wear it to the gym?" Sebastian: "I'd wear it to a wedding."