Episode Details
Release Date June 19, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 4 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 173
Intro Music Billy Joel - "New York State of Mind"

Pete and Sebastian meet up in NYC to tape the show with DJ Lou and it doesn't go well!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is interviewed by TMZ on his way in to the studio
  • The guys assess each other's appearance
  • Sprinkler etiquette
  • DJ Lou's Show-Within-A-Show transports us to the ghetto bus with loud talking guy
  • Shuli Egar from the Howard Stern show stops by, talks about his Vegas wheelchair pusher script

Quotes from the episode

  • Lenny Marcus: "Would you lose that suspenseful action vibe when you both jump on the scooter together?"
  • Pete: "Somebody pull the fire alarm."
  • Shuli: "They're like the MySpace of terrorists."