Episode Details
Release Date May 29, 2015
Runtime 58 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 171
Intro Music Buddy Holly - "Everyday"

Pete gives the listeners more nudity, Sebastian gets a suprise at an auction and the guys revisit the segment, "What Do You Do?"

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is back from Las Vegas
  • Jackie makes an unusual restaurant request
  • Pete gets mopeds
  • What do you do? with Cal
  • Sebastian stays at a private manse for Commit Foundation, gets into auction hijinks.
  • Guys recommend Dog Fight, Chef's Table, Bloodline.
  • Sebastian's looking forward to Slyman's Corn Beef in Cleveland
  • Pete's acting experiences, some of which will be shared with Newsletter recipients

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I don't know if I can look at you the same." (After seeing Pete's partial nudity scene)