Episode Details
Release Date May 1, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 32 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 167
Intro Music Frank Sinatra, "Just the way you are"

Comedians with private jets, Sebastian's stalker, used swing set for Pete's kid, The Italian Take, and Pete reveals the name of his special in this new episode!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is in Ottawa for the Just for Laughs festival
  • Pete & Sebastian are both drinking
  • Pete tells a Louis C.K. story about the Ottawa Blues Festival
  • Pete buys a swing set on Craigslist
  • Sebastian attends a John Varvatos charity event, has misadventures on the red carpet (mirroring an experience from Episode 113).

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: (Re: Getting Subpoenaed) "I could use any plug I can get."
  • Sebastian: (Re: Nazi Neighbor) "I don't know who you call for that. I don't know if you call uh...the Navy?"
  • Sebastian: "I have an allergic reaction to people."
  • Pete: "Lou, do you have stalking music?"
  • Pete: "This is the Pete and smoke and mirrors show."
  • Sebastian: "I asked Lana what the hell my phone number was."
  • Pete: "You put your arm around me, we smile, and when you go home there's a fucking photo of me and you on your fridge."
  • Pete: "Alright, I need a coffee."