Episode Details
Release Date April 29, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 26 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 166
Intro Music Frank Sinatra, "Just One of Those Things"

Sebastian gets advice from a comedy legend and Pete prepares for his Showtime special!


One of the greatest comedians ever meets Jerry Seinfeld.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is anticipating staying at J.J. Watt's house in Houston.
  • Discussion of the guy's athletic prowess; including Pete's Alonzo Mourning interaction, Sebastian is nauseated by "golf talk" at Pinehurst Golf Course.
  • Comedy club etiquette/enjoyment tips
  • Viewer voicemails (716-638-0759)
  • Pete goes clothes shopping in Buffalo, NY for his Showtime special.
  • Sebastian dines at El Posto, shares a stage with a bescarved Jerry Seinfeld, gets advice on new/old material
  • Pete solicits house painting bids from a colorful cast of characters
  • Sebastian's sociable driver offers him orange peanut butter crackers

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "When you go to a comedy club...and they say 'keep talking to a minimum' about no talking?"
  • Sebastian: "She's a look-and-laugher"
  • Pete: "Unless you were choking and she's giving you instructions on the Heimlich it."
  • Sebastian: "For some reason this guy thinks I'm gonna do what? Finger her?"