Episode Details
Release Date April 10, 2015
Runtime 1 hour, 1 minute
Previous Episode Episode 164
Intro Music Nina Simone, "I Wish I knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)"

The guys play a game called "Is This Cheating," and are surprised to learn how young their audience is!


Sebastian models the latest in oversized safety headwear.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is coming fresh off a $225 massage
  • Pete is digging in to home improvement projects since "getting snipped", despite lukewarm compliments from family
  • Pete's Easter houseguests lose their keys, a discussion of appropriate etiquette.
  • The bathtub story is revisited.
  • An excerpt from the Undisputed Truth, the Mike Tyson Story.
  • A discussion of a man you commits suicide after losing his free buffet pass
  • "Is this cheating?"
  • Sebastian recommends the salted caramel at Carmela on Third & Fairfax.
  • A discussion of kissing family/children on the lips
  • Clips from the show are being used in a college course as specimens of dialect
  • Pete is preparing for his Showtime special, sans bullet points
  • Eddie Lobenhaufer reaches out to Sebastian after being name checked in Episode 161

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I don't burden people. I'm not a burden."
  • Sebastian: "I don't want to come down in the morning and see you, possibly barefoot, with shorts on making a cup of coffee. I don't wanna see that."
  • Sebastian: "I don't ever remember seein' my Dad's dick!"
  • Sebastian: "This is an adult show. This ain't Sesame Street, guy."
  • Sebastian: "As soon as you take your clothes off in front of me, our friendship's over."