Episode Details
Release Date January 24, 2013
Runtime 57 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 11
Intro Music

The JJ Watt interview

Topics discussed

  • Pete is debating bringing his dog along on his appearance at Stand Up Scottsdale
  • A discussion of driving vs flying
  • The guys struggle with text and phone etiquette with JJ Watt and Rob Schneider, but Sebastian is confident in his personalized amenity bag idea for guests
  • The guys' "casual" double date underscores their similarities and differences
  • Sebastian interviews JJ Watt in his car
  • Pete's bathroom experiences
  • Pete announces his wife's pregnancy for the first time on the cast
  • Sebastian will be attending the Freedom Course to address why he doesn't like people eating his cherries
  • A clip from Pete's live show about identifying as ex-catholic

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: I don't know what tell him before a football game, I said "kick some ass today!"
  • Sebastian: He has a foundation. We could donate to his foundation. Pete: What if we say we donated, but we don't?
  • Sebastian: I got the gluten free burger with rice cakes and an egg.
  • Sebastian: This is why I don't let anybody into my life.
  • Sebastian: I don't know what's going on at your house where you came up with "erotic cake"