Episode Details
Release Date January 8, 2013
Runtime 1 hour, 13 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 10
Intro Music Buffalo Springfield "Somethings Happening Here"
Scott Bakula 2011 (cropped)

Bakula. Rhymes with Dracula.

Topics discussed

  • The recording is a re-do because of confusion surrounding Sebastian's reserving of studio time, resulting in a venue change and an hour podcast not being recorded.
  • Sebastian tells the story of his proposal, including an analysis of Sebastian's propensity for crying (including at the site of a ping pong game)
  • Pete is dismayed to see Scott Bakula flying coach with his family, so much so that he researches the price of airfare, number of episodes he's starred in, and does on-the-street interviews regarding his level of fame.
  • The premiere appearance of Manarios; drive stick, carve a turkey, throw a spiral, tie a tie, saddle and ride a horse, put a dog out of it's misery, patch drywall, change a tire, sew a button, write a poem
  • A side conversation about home protection: gun vs baseball bat or fire poker
  • JJ Watt of the Houston Texans coming to Sebastian's Houston show

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I'd say 'I'm looking for my girl.'" Pete: "Girl? Why? Cause she's wearing your wrestling jacket?"
  • Sebastian: "When I saw Titanic, wept." Pete: "How can you cry at a movie that has Billy Zane in it?"
  • Sebastian: "Can we get Bakula on the show?" Pete: "Maybe if we edit out the Daddy part."
  • Sebastian: "I see a cry and I think, this is fantastic let me hop in on this."