Episode Details
Release Date December 24, 2012
Runtime 51 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 9
Intro Music Unknown

Topics discussed

  • Pete critiques Sebastian's Christmas party
  • New segment "My Hero's Hall of Fame:" Felix Hoffman, inventor of Aspirin.
  • A discussion of Sebastian's Christmas lights, with a live call to Holly Jolly Christmas Lights and a stunning outgoing message
  • Pete visits a potential kennel to watch his dog and is underwhelmed
  • Despite having planned the wedding and honeymoon, Sebastian has yet to propose. Although he has been teasing Lana with fake proposal opportunities. The guys discuss proposal
  • Sleeping with Sebastian: Andaz hotel in San Diego gaslamp district. 4/5 stars.
  • Pete quizzes Sebastian on performers at the hurricane relief concert.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I'm the bitch."
  • Pete: "If you took a vote of your guests, I'm sure they would rather have another Sebastian story over another plate of shrimp tempura."
  • Pete: "Why don't you just put [the engagement ring] on the hood of the Porsche and do 20 down Melrose?"
  • Pete: "Do you really want to get engaged in…running attire? Oh! What's this in my sweatpants?"
  • Sebastian: "When she opens her eyes, I'm on one knee, balls hanging, with a ring."
  • Sebastian: "Before we start the test- I didn't do any homework. But go ahead."