Episode Details
Release Date October 12, 2012
Runtime 44 minutes
Previous Episode Episode n/a
Intro Music None

Topics discussed

  • Pete needs feedback for how to avoid conversation with drivers, Sebastian relies on his "angry resting face"
  • Standup clip of Pete encountering someone who doesn't eat ice cream
  • A discussion of potential celebrity guests the guys can get
  • Sebastian tells the story of how he met Vince Vaughn which led to his involvement in the Wild West Comedy Show
  • Sebastian is eager to show his interview skills, potentially be the "male Barbara Walters"
  • Sebastian tells a story of postponing a fight with Mark Wright in 4th grade because his slacks were too nice to fight in.
  • Pete is offended by the abundance of male nudity at LA Fitness, Sebastian outlines his gym towel dressing routine
  • Sebastian's Dad isn't a fan of his tattoo joke, says he looked better on Conan than he does in person.
  • Pete compares jokes he sent to Rob Riggle for the ESPY awards with what was broadcast.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I look like I could have a head in my bag"
  • Pete: "The LA Kings just won the Stanley Cup, and residents of LA haven't been this disinterested since Roberto Benigni won for Best Director"
  • Sebastian: "Our response is; 'we pick. Who comes on the show.'"